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Webbsida 6. jan, 2019


Hello again Arjan! Well.....it`s enough mileage as what you are doing now ( 55-65 km per week ) on 5 days per week. When you have reached the 17 min / 35 min 5k/ 10 k goals you can consider to maybe put in one more day of running, but I`m sure it`s not
necessary to reach your optimal performances. And you can be sure that my system takes you to your goals , so far over 100 runners coached in about 3 years and ALL improved. Welcome to world class coaching by " The Magic Wizard " ! :) PS! Just email me at
magic@coachjs.se and we discus the details. Cheers!

Webbsida 6. jan, 2019


Thanks for the quick replay, also happy and fruitfull new year. How many kilometers are we talking per week. I want to get as far as possible in running, but sometimes have weeks of traveling in between.

31. dec, 2018


Hello Arjan!

Well ....depends on your age how fast you will reach 17 min / 35 min at 5k/ 10 k . But with me as your coach you will reach the times. 5 days running in the week will be enough to reach your goals with my DANCAN-system. COACH J.S Happy new year!

Webbsida 31. dec, 2018

Arjan van den Berg

Hi based on my 400meter time (not a sprinter at all) 69sec at 1500m dirt track (not flat) normal shoes. I should be able to run a sub 17 5k and sub 35 10k. At the moment 20min/42min. So room for improvement. Times based on 30-40 km per week. Now started
running 5days around 55-65kmw