World class on 6 sessions per week!!!

9. maj, 2020

When my "fairytale" as a coach started back in 2015 one of the Kenyans that contacted me for coaching was Josphat Kipchirchir. He was only 16 years then and was newly back to Kenya from the States where he had been a high school runner with PB:s at around 4 :00 min at 1500m and 14:45 at 5000m. I started to coach him and it took only a couple of months before he ran faster than ever that fall at XC races. I coached him to become one of Kenya`s 3 best XC juniors. Then the coaching went on and he won the prestigious Discovery XC for seniors twice with me as coach. His last race in Kenya before covid-19 hit the world was a 10000m in a qualification series to the Olympic Games where he placed 2:nd .A funny thing is that I didn`t know at the start Josphat is a younger brother of Edwin Kiprotich who I also coach . In Kenya it`s common you don`t have same surname even if syblings.

16. mar, 2019

I coach one of the best female 400m runners in the world and today she ran a PB 11,4 sec  at 100m   and  23,4 sec at 200m . Now she has speed for a sub 50 sec 400m I think.....🙂

30. jun, 2018

I coached an Irish master runner age 43 in just 2 months from a 16:30 at 5000m down to a new master PR at 15:37   !   He did it on only 5 sessions per week! My low mileage system is fantastic! 🙂 - The Magic Wizard -

6. apr, 2018

I have now proven my hypothesis that 6 sessions per week is enough to reach individual 

optimal performance in middle-longdistance running !!! 

My since 3 years back coached runner Edwin Kiprotich ran 30 km as a pacemaker in his very first international race, a marathon in Chile. His time at 30k was 1:32 and he felt still strong at that point so if he had been allowed to run the full marathon he should have run around 2:09 - 2:10 . During my 3 years of coaching him he has only raced 3-4 times in Kenya. With DANCAN-system all is possible to achieve on relatively low mileage.

The Wizard

15. jan, 2018

If I could have gone back to those days when I started running in 1969 as a 10 year young lad,and had known the DANCAN-way of training, I am absolutely sure I had been a great runner. Now runners all over the world have the opportunity to use this great training system to their advantage, and reach their dreamgoals of running.

Welcome to my world class coaching!

COACH J.S -  "The Magic Wizard"  

Swedish pro running coach. 🙂